Aspiring Entrepreneur Membership

Non-Entrepreneur Membership

Aspiring Entrepreneur Membership

The Non-Entrepreneur Membership in greater detail is for like-minded individuals that believe they see the world slightly different; they have a lot of ideas and are on the borderline of becoming an entrepreneur but just need a little help along the way. As an entrepreneur there are never any excuses deemed acceptable to why you cannot chase your dream of owning a successful business.

This membership will allow any aspiring entrepreneur to join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs for the benefits of being surrounded by those that share the same passion but have took the necessary steps, found the necessary resources and more importantly found the courage to go on and start their business. This opportunity does not exist elsewhere and speaking from experience as the owner of Y.E.N, without the impact of certain people on this journey we may never have founded this phenomenal network that is going to grow stronger and stronger until we are viewed as a community just as much as we are viewed a network.

Lastly, for the first month that you purchase the membership, it will be an assessment process.

  • Where are you in terms of starting a business?
  • Based on this assessment we will be able to evaluate if you would benefit from being a part of Y.E.N. at the stage you are at.
  • The assessment process will run for 1 month and will consist of a 1-2-1 each week with a member of the support team at Y.E.N or potential mentor with access to the 2 networking events that month.

If you would like to join us, drop us an E-mail – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.