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We understand networking can be intimidating, especially when you are the youngest in the room. Which is why the Young Entrepreneurs Network has been created to eliminate that anxiety and provide a space for young individuals to have their own network. We have identified the gap between the older and younger generation within business which is why Y.E.N opens a whole new market of business for both generations. Creating a space for young entrepreneurs to express themselves will encourage them to pursue their passions and believe anything is possible.

About Us

Y.E.N is a platform for young entrepreneurs to network with other like-minded individuals while building relationships to take their businesses to the next level. This platform will not only spark million-pound business ideas but will also be a great place to work on mindset and set up a belief system that will push every young entrepreneur to the next level. With a fine balance of relaxed structure, we believe this will allow young business owners to progress at a pace that suits them

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Creating a space for young entrepreneurs to express themselves